How to use chat?

I’m probably missing something quite simple and obvious, but I find chatting ingame to be difficult. I’m in #general by default, but when I go in a dungeon I don’t seem to have an automatic chat channel with other party members. I tried /chat join group, but then I’m alone in it. How even do I communicate with other party members that we should all be in the same channel , and what should that channel be? How do I keep that channel in my ‘talk to’ options?

either you hit Enter and preface what you want to say with “/g” like in /g Bee the Change !


you press Enter, press Tab, scroll with with the arrow keys to the “Group” entry, confirm with Enter and type away


you hit Alt, click on the channel name on the left of the input box and select the channel you want to talk to with your mouse and then type away

caveat : not every channel is subscribed to every chat tab, so check your configuration which you’ll find in a context menu on the tab name.

Group is a default channel and is as such already “joined” but you need to tell the game which tab you want it in.

  • Right click on the tab you want group chat to be in.
  • From the drop down choose “Subscribe to Channels”
  • From the new dropdown choose “Public Groups”
  • Check off the channels that you want in said chat tab.

Group and Raid chat for some dumb reason will only show up if you are currently in a group and/or raid. Once you have set this up once, the game should remember it though.

By default, the game puts you in the “game log” chat-tab. Oddly enough, that tab has ZERO chat in it from any channel. I played for days before accidentally discovering that people do chat in game when I clicked on one of the other tabs. Pretty weird. Every other game has the default chat tab setup for, well, chat.

This is one of the things that completely puzzles me as to why there is no default channel for people to use, such as the ones you describe and such as the one most people - if not ALL people - desire from a game. Or else, they think the game is literally dead and nobody around, combine that with having low population instances and you have a somewhat deliberate set-up for people leaving before they even enter Kingsmouth police station.

  1. The chat box has a + icon in the top right, a right or left click will work and from there you can “Add” various chat channels that ARE there in the game, they just are NOT on or present by their own defaults, baffling - I know.

  2. The top left of the chat box has a little cog icon. Right or left clicking on that will bring up a list of options such as “Subscribe channel” and “Font size” etc, font size can be increased a little to make it easier to see the chat, sometimes it’s not very clear with the lighting in certain zones. However the options you select from the cog - will only affect the channel you have selected from the top row of the chat box. So selecting to increase the font size from #Tells will only affect tells, same with the “Subscribe channel” option.

Click the plus icon, add the channels you want to create separate tabs for
Click the cog > mouse over “Subscribe to” > “Public groups” > choose what to see and where to see it

I have added separate Channels or tabs on the chat box with the + icon from the top right such as - Group, Tells, Say, Raid, Looking for group etc all of which are vital for being able to communicate with others.

There is also #Sanctuary - this is a community chat channel and the only one I believe that is actually global, so it can be seen from anywhere within the game. Something which is quite important i would say if one required help or information.
General is not - I don’t think either Trade nor Looking For Group are global channels either. There are many people in sanctuary who can help with any other issues or questions you have. All you need to do is type into the chat box the following.

/chat join Sanctuary

You will then need to use the + icon from the top right to add the channel to have It’s own tab, you can also use the cog from the top left to subscribe to the channel if you wish to view it in any of the others, I have it subscribed into my general channel so i can see it as my default from wherever i am.

Funcom - please stop making simple things difficult and please fix the issues regarding chat - this is a game and people need to communicate.

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This is a more recent change. You used to start with a General chat tab as the default that showed (and auto-subscribed to) all relevant chat channels.