How will sales work in the Bazaar?

Is there a good video that isn’t too lengthy that will go into some detail about the Bazaar?

Like there are some pieces I’d definitely like to have but if I can wait a week or two and catch them on sale obviously that’s a better course of action.

Is there certain kinds of items that may never go on sale?

Do we have any idea what the rotation might look like? I’m assuming for integrity sake nothing from the battlepass will ever be in the bazaar for sale as well? (That would kind of suck to drop 1000 coins or so on something that you end up unlocking in the battle pass).

You buy Crom Coins.
Via Steam or whatever for the other versions (PS Store maybe?)

You spend them on stuff in the Bazaar.

There are days listed on each. Little stuff is every few days, some packs are every two weeks, big one is once a month.

Battle Pass stuff might go to the Bazaar since they won’t rotate.

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