The New Bazaar system

On offical pvp I noticed the Bazaar had 1 day left on it before new items would roll around for purchase. When I logged in with anticipation for new items I might, and probably would purchase I couldn’t help but notice that all the previous items timer was reset to 7 days? Is there going to be new Bazaar items? Is this something you are actively working on or is there nothing coming at all and we just get continued refresh timers on old Bazaar items? Also second question, will there be new battle passes soon? How often?

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Battle passes come with each chapter which is supposed to be 2-3 months, theres supposed to be 2-3 chapters in an “age” which govern the theme of said items in the battle pass

I was mostly speaking of the bazaar.

ahhh thank you most useful response. I appreciate it.


I know, but you also asked about battle passes, so i gave you the most relevant information on the subject since erjoh covered bazaar

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