I missed the new sandstone set 2, any idea when it will be in the bazaar again?

Did not not have access to my PC until today, and missed this set’s availability.

Any idea when it will be available again?

Nope. They have not said when things will rotate in and out of the shop, only that they will. It could be a week, it could be 3 months. At this point, being that the shop it brand new, we have no way of knowing.


This is why they just need to put everything in the Bazaar and quit this stupid FoMo.

Everything in the Bazaar will rotate back in, so there is no “stupid fomo”. You can’t miss out on it if it will come back in time. :woman_facepalming:

Now if you want to claim fomo on the battlepass, well then you might have an argument to make. But not with the Bazaar. If you wanted to complain about the pricing of the items of the Bazaar, then again you might have an argument to make, but that again is not the one you are making. So, you may want to actually make an argument that has something to stand on before making it. And no, I an not supporting the Bazaar or the Battlepass nor am I claiming to be against them, I am only pointing out simple facts.

Unfortunately they won’t do that as long as FoMo sells stuff.
I honestly don’t think they have much stuff prepared yet for the bazaar, so it might come back quick.

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