Bazaar Items availability

Is it possible to display all Bazaar items released to date on the Funcom website or ingame menus
without the rotational time limits?

Its just like Marvel’s Avengers, where every cosmetic item is available for purchase in game, but they have a special deal window or featured items on the front.


you speak about the game that was abandoned by the developers??.

But now all the outifits of the game is free. the developers wanted to make players happy

I just want the armor sets that were in the bazaar available for purchase ingame, and not have to wait weekly for everything to rotate to a different one that im not interested in buying.

I mean why cant they treat bazaar items the same way like those old dlcs packs before

To motivate sales. Without the limited window, people would just wait till it goes on sale, just like the dlcs


Because then you’d only buy what you want to buy and you could take your time to do it. They can’t regularly throw sacrifices into the tencent Sarlacc pit if you have all the time to decide on which armor looks cooler instead of FOMO buying both at scheduled intervals.

Well, its a lost opportunity for them to take my money, i would have bought stuff i wanted if all bazaar items were made available. Its just tedious to have to check weekly

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Oh I totally agree. It’s a dumb and exploitative system for the customer, and likely more profitable for the tencent sarlacc pit I mentioned earlier. I too would like to buy what I want when I want it instead of having to constantly have my eye on the bazaar


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