Howls Of Betrayal RP/PVP (Dedicated Server)

Server Direct Connect:
Discord Server:

The objective of our community is to create an RP/PvP environment that facilitates story progression of characters within the server and provides opportunities for players to form alliances and grudges between other players within the server.

We’re currently working with our community to create multiple server wide events that include story progression via roleplay. We have a community-built city in the north that will be the center for numerous events with roleplay backgrounds. We want everything to make sense. It is not going to be an event where things are just spawned in and fought. We have a library in the city that will keep city records of all the events happening in the land. We want everything here to be story driven, for not only events but characters as well. We will have other arena events (gladiator fights) where it will just be large scale PVP/PVE fights as well.

We are currently working on the backstory lore for the sever, and it will be added once finished.

Server Settings

Mods: Pippi

Harvest Multiplier – 1.5
Experience Multiplier – 0.7
Player XP Time Multiplier – 0.1
Player XP Kill Multiplier – 1.5
Player XP Harvest Multiplier – 0.5
Player XP Craft Multiplier – 1.3
NPC Damage Multiplier – 1.6
Thrall Conversion Multiplier – 0.5
Item Conversion Multiplier – 0.7
Hunger/Thirst Multipliers – 0.9 for active || 0.5 for idle
Durability – 0.8
Spoil Rates – 0.5
Resource Respawn Rates – 1.5
Max Clan Size – 15
Day/Night Ratio:
Day & Night: 0.5
Dawn & Dusk: 0.2
Drop Equipment on Death: Yes
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: Yes

We also have set raid times on Howls which are:
Mon-Fri: 7:00 PM EST – 11:59 PM EST
Sat-Sun: 5:00 AM EST – 11:59 PM EST
We have 2 resets daily at 1pm EST and 1am EST


I really enjoy the community here on the server! You have people you not only enjoy playing conan with but other games as well & there is a lot of effort going in to building up a story for the server.


Server has been around for about 2-3 weeks now and already have a really active group of players on it! The server has a really friendly community and has been nice to spend time playing with all the other players.