Hud and rader options off (mods)

Been awhile since played PC version, Hopped back on… soon found I’m still bothered by Time and Moon Icon on Hud(below health/stam) and radar in bottom right…

I can’t figure out how turn these off. Doesn’t seem be hidden in setting, and only extra option is Master of Puppets.

Gonna go read thru every mod trying find it… (google failed hard on this one) Post this justin case someone knows what it is.

Improved Quality of Life 3.4.6

Expanded HUD & GUI

IQOL also adds a number of HUD elements that give you more information while you play, and can be individually toggled on or off:

  • Trackers for XP, shelter and time of day

  • Detailed health & stamina readouts

  • Configurable minimap

  • Crafting tracker

  • Map waypoint
    Not seeing directions on how to…

Did you try shift+m? The minimap can be turned off there in my settings

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Ya, I found that. Can’t seem find way get rid of redundant (xp) and time icons.

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