Human corpses disappear

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Worldwide]

while fighting humans in single player happens that, if killing a second human without having the first inside screen the first disappear. Both corpse and loot.
Happened using truncheon, using iron sword and using iron javelins (both thrown and using melee)
Happened several times, especially using javelins.
Do not happen every time but only if going farer than a certain distance (maybe with truncheon because of unconscious mechaincs but i wish to be sure it is not a bug). Happens more frequently with archers as player has to chase him/her

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Kill first human
  2. Kill a second one while having first out of screen
  3. Search for the first one.

yea its like freddy drags em to hell lol try running away and coming back, they might be there 8]

I can also confirm that this happens to me as well, especially when trying to find potential thralls at the black galleon

Also, the corpses of enemies are not only limited to humans, from my gameplay, it also happens to the skeleton bosses in the wine cellar dungeon.

I spent about 3 mins one time trying to locate the corpse my thrall has killed off-screen, until I found it by spamming Square button around my thrall, an invisible corpse and I was able to loot it’s corpse

If I am not watching what my thrall is doing in the wine cellar, the important monsters he kills will randomly disappear from the game because I am busy fighting another monsters nearby

Anything that dies off screen, and hasn’t finished its death animation will fall below ground. (since only whats in front of you is render is certain way.

In few cases, go over to were they died, and aim cursor on ground… you can often loot them below ground.
really depends on location, some areas they seem to go “poof” But it seem they just fall to far below.

You can also look up, As corpses that break part, can fall thru ground, and you’ll catch floating head or arm way up there. (higher then normal floating ones)

I do my best to keep everyone on screen, but ya…someplaces its hard to do when swarmed. But…I’d say 1 outta 3, i have been able to click body thru ground.

not fix mind you… but hope that helps some.

Run out of render distance and back again and the bodies will be back. It happens to me even when I only knock them out and this always works for me.

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Hello @Shikinokatana, thank you for reaching out!

The team is already aware of this issue and it’s being looked into, in the meantime the workarounds suggested in this thread should hopefully help in dealing with it.

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