Hyboria is real and I can prove it

So, most of you will recognize this photo as the dead trees found within brimstone lake…

Now take a look at this tree and tell me if you notice any similarities…

Conan Exiles Tree

Unfortunately, somebody had mined all the brimstone, so this was a wasted adventure…


Nice find. If i was walking there, i would more than usually watch the ground for potential dangers.

Can never have too many rocknose encounters…

Well, we’re still pretty much Hyborian down here in the bottom end of the planet, only difference is that the kudus use supermarkets now instead of watering holes…

If only the hyenas would do the same, they prefer to knock over my wheelie bins and make a mess in the driveway instead.




Other than that, this landscape gave you 2 wonderful photos.
Well done m8 :+1:t6:

Hope you took your sandstorm mask…

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Where was this amazing photo taken?

California, these are bristlecone pines.

Those kind of trees have the longest lifespan, right?
Would be extremely cool, if they grew on salt flats. Would be definately a visiting point for Conaners. :laughing:

These are already dead trees.

Yeah, the ones on the pictures. But I was interested in the species itself (themselves, I already read after it :grinning: ).

Ah, got it.
Yes, the longest-lived, along with sequoias.

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