What in the actual F*** are these! XD



Found these guys with the admin panel. This is on live. They look awesomely disgusting. I want one!
Could not find anything on the wiki?


Looks like something that was supposed to live in water :slight_smile:


They look similar to a creature from Age of Conan. They live on the shores where some large carceses are found partly submerged in the region of Khitai. That’s all I can give you off the top of my head though.


URGH I want a Greater version. Surely we could ride those :innocent:


Looks like a giant leech. Really cool! Maybe something for the swungle biome.


Looks like my teammate haha


Wow,never saw that, wich part of the desert ypu were in?


Doesn’t matter because he spawned them in through the admin panel. We don’t know yet where or even if they exist in the game world. Or at least nobody who knows has posted here yet.


Bah, totally missed the admin panel part, nevermind then.



Ja bitte! Und mach SHNELL!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It looks like something I would have envisioned being found in my ‘Black Marshlands’ (Bog) biome concept. They look like then belong in a dank soggy mudhole to me; truly wretched and miserable (but also cool) :wink: Good find Necro.


bedbugs on steroids!?


Definately look like leaches. Definately leeches and yes. They do look like the ones from Age of Conan.


Those creatures usually spawn in Funcoms marketing department. You know, those things that decided selling Conan’s Atlantean Sword separately as a panic-buy was a good idea, thereby robbing the majority of the players and the game of one of the most iconic swords in the whole Conan Universe.

(Sorry… Halcyon never forgets.)


I dont know what’s more hilarious, the finding of these awkward creatures or the explanation you guys have for them. :rofl:

They look like to life underground or submerged in mud. I would like to see all players the new anti flooding system finds to be guilty of undermesheing change their player model into that! That would be bug hunting I would enjoy! :smiling_imp:


Greater Shai Hulud, yeah? :wink:


I love this thread…just saying.
Carry on.


Aaaaah! Can’t believe an official responded to my crap!:rofl:

Thank you!!! Can’t wait for the patch and the next live stream! You’re awesome, you’re tattoos are awesome, the game is awesome!!!


Those are just babies…