What in the actual F*** are these! XD



I had to go google that匈 am ashamed. But just imagine! The purge just got REAL!:metal::metal::metal:


:shivers in corner:

Thinking happy thoughts, those things are horrifying. Hoping for best pupation outcome:


So that is whats behinde the sandstorm with flashes. Conan Exiles is just a test run of Funcom for their next big franchise! Anybody know which game developer is holding Dune rights atm? I got suspicion


I have the the sword. But i still say it should be part of a DLC pack. The game has been out for 9 months live. It maybe time to offer it for 1.99. Maybe that, and some other decoration items and other things. Some will say it is not fair because it was a perk for buying a physical day 1 disc, but at some point it just needs to be put out into the wild, and i did not pay extra for it.


Same here:
First pve-c servers. If I had to rearrage the symbols of my name thinking about how I snapped then - sorry for being this childish:
Nuria -> Urina, the pissed :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I went nuts. :sweat_smile: And I love dumb jokes.

First PvE-C servers got changed to PvP as GPortal was out of stock and all the servers were at 40/40. Some genius decided to discard pve-c in order to please the pvp mass.

But I was unhappy when I learned about the sword too. I would still love to get a hand on it.
:thinking: Time to ask on that server I am on if someone is able to craft them.
If only I had taken part in a certain event Sometimes Im stupid. :woozy_face:


They my children. You get pregnant from a lich. After 9 months you give birth to leeches.


I think theyre called OOZE in the admin panel under NPC spawn.


Ah yes, my fellow cursed undead. Must have forgotten due to certain parts in my head succumbing to the slow decay:metal::skull::metal:


Yep, that is it. Now we need to figure out how to make the devs put them in live asap!


They are alive. My children live. The mother life is drain to almost death. She very weaken after the birth. Then the leeches eat her after the birth.


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baby graboids?

They look like short flat worms.

They would be neat in the volcano instead of Cobra. I realize why they are there but these seem way more interesting and fitting.


Well, lets hope it does not take that long :grin: And with all the bug fixing going on these days I think Im gonna stay positive and hope they squash all these damned bugs. Except these plump little undead tubes of awesome nastiness of course!


I have been thinking a proper slime dungeon with slimy undead adventurers and the vile mamma producing these little treasures


These creatures might be better replacements for skeletons in the Dregs dungeon (as well as other uses). They seem to fit the theme better for sewers.


whatever it is it does not look nice


Oh, come on, all they need is a little love and care. Sure you can pet these thing with ease!


Oh yes, certainly. I am sure that it will not try to latch onto your leg and suck the marrow straight from your bones. Nope, not that cute and cuddly thing.


No, they just drain sorcery players. Your spells are null. They also eat everything.


So匈 take it you havent spawned a YETI yet either, then?