What in the actual F*** are these! XD


You know, it is tax season. Maybe the discovery of these leach things is related. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well, I did spawn it in and I am waiting for the testlive patch to go live before I try the new Black Yeti Boss thing. So I knew of them. But when I saw these…:rofl:

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Is that my brother Captain Bonecold? Brother you need a shave.



That’s Dune, right?

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Yup, gotta be. A true classic of fantasy/scifi right there. Interestingly (to me anyway) I find that series more and more disturbing the older I get.



For what it’s worth, you can still buy new “day one edition” (physical copies) of the game, and add the Sword bonus code to your Steam account, while gifting the actual game code to someone else (PC anyway, not sure about consoles).

Of course you’d have to be just a little crazy to do that, and I’m totally not saying I did just that and that my experience is first-hand. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.



I have it from a good source, that you do not never put your male bits in their mouth, no matter what they whisper to you…
There is a reward, and size matters…
But… is it worth it?!

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Probably. It was the first thing I thought of and I just googled for Dune’s Sandworms. Didn’t check the image source.



I assume that wouldn’t work to get Conan’s Royal Armor activated in game, given that was a pre-order bonus?

I’m miffed about not being able to use that armor, I really like the look of it… it even taunts me from the admin panel.

I wasn’t even aware Conan Exiles existed until a few months ago, so I’m forever screwed for no fault or choice of my own (though in all honesty I would’ve been screwed anyway as I don’t pre-order games on principle - I consider it a negative consumer/economic practice to validate products of unknown quality).



It does make me wonder what sort of panic buy exercise the leeches at marketing will implement on the next Conan game.

I feel that the community managers advised against these practices, but it fell on deaf ears. Afterall, what do community managers know about marketing, right? They are just there to placate clients, while marketing “do their job” and “make sure the community managers get food on their plates” :\

I have a lot of hope for the new position for Funcom called “Feedback Analyst” because at least some smart ■■■ in marketing isn’t gonna be condescending to real problems and shrug it off: “O please… such hyperbole. Everyone else is doing it - it’s normal business practise.”

Nono… the feedback analyst is going to powerpoint their ■■■ back to schoolin.

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I have no doubt that such marketing practices are effective, but that’s not to say that they are ethical. There are some rather shockingly disgusting business practices in the gaming industry - Conan Exiles’ cosmetic exclusives are rather tame by comparison, though still annoyingly unfair.

I wonder if a study of ethics makes up a component of your typical marketing degree. Ethics in Marketing 101, that sort of thing.

You’ve inspired me to make a suggestion.



Correct, I don’t believe there’s any way to obtain that now.

For what it’s worth, the preorder armor (while pretty) is woefully underpowered at lvl 60, being handcrafted and thus having no flawless epic version.

I quite agree. I am very leery of this practice as well, and my experience with CE hasn’t made me any fonder of the concept: City Life is still missing in action, and unlikely to make an appearance.

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‘Ethics in Marketing and how to get away with pooping all over them’ maybe (yeah not fond of marketing depts. either)

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Lol, yeah… seems it’s more like ‘Ethics In Marketing 666: How To Avoid Them’.



Whatta, where is my castle!!! :rofl:



Eaten, you’re next :wink:

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I swear to god, if someone lure this guy into my castle €@!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue:



Its not cuddly at all to me, should atleast have some fur before i consider it :laughing:



More like BugBeds :rofl:


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