A few ideas. Assets already exist

Followers can carry torches. I don’t see why they can’t already when you can program a shield mechanic.

The ability to temporarily turn into a were-hyena. Again, I’m surprised this mechanic didn’t come with Jhebbal Sag or the Magic Stuff. The model and assets exist already.

Equipable animal heads, like Blaidd’s helm in Elden Ring. The assets already exist and this would allow you to both capture a wider furry demographic, and also still remain faithful to the lore of Conan.

Bonus: Fill the northeast part of the Exiled Lands map finally. Maybe a giant crystal biome or bioluminescent giant flora biome?

What say you, exiles?


I’d say they’ve already explained the can’t/won’t fill in the NE part of the map, something to do with the dungeons.

Hard pass on any helmet that would appeal to a furry. There is nothing Conan-esque about that. A butchered bears head is not the same as a cartoon dog mask.(or hat, helmet, head gear, I don’t know what furries call them)

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I think helmets made out of animal heads (there are already a few in the game) are a good idea. I always thought the sabercat helmet mod from Skyrim was great!


I’m not talking technocolor cartoon animals, a savage barbarian wearing a decapitated wolf head to ispire fear in their enemies is VERY Conan-esque. Again, think Blaidd’s head from Elden Ring. Realistic wolf head → Wearable mask.

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You mean something like this, right? Unfortunately, the mod was probably not updated.

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Yes! That exactly! That is a fair compromise to attract more players and thus revenue from a wider demographic. It’s not crazy to think a barbarian would wear a taxidermied head over their own.Plus, there are already furries in the game:

Otherwise, an MMO eventually reaches a critical mass of players interested in that particular content and needs to branch out. FF14, WoW, and more all realized this and found ways to cater to a wider demographic so they continue to generate more players and money.

I want this game to have more players. I want it to do well for years, too. This would help if this were done officially.

That would be great. The only problem is how to command them to do so. Right now, the follower commands are very limited.

I haven’t played Elden Ring, so I had to look that up, and… ew. Not “ew” because I’m squeamish, “ew” because it really doesn’t seem to fit into aesthetics of Conan Exiles at all. I can imagine helmets that incorporate animal heads, and I would definitely like to see more of those apart from what we already have, but just plopping an animal head like a mask? Looks like it fits quite nicely into Elden Ring aesthetics, but not in Conan Exiles.

Not going to happen. Engine limitations:

And yes, I know Dennis said it might be possible, but “possible” is not the same as “feasible”, and his post clearly says it requires “further R&D, which is not currently under way”. For those of you who aren’t software developers, the translation of that is “we have no concrete ideas on how to do this and right now we don’t have the resources to sit down and fiddle with it on an off chance we might figure it out”.

Conan Exiles already found a way to do that. It’s called “mods”.


I understand there are mods, however mods neither make Funcom money nor do they facilitate multiplayer interaction, since I’m guessing mods don’t work out of single player. Which is less players on your servers, and less money to upkeep them and develop more.

As for expansions of the main map… Other than maybe filling in a tiny bite, this one highly doubts they will. There are reasons mentioned above.
Honestly, this one expects a new map again before more Exiled Lands.

For the gear, this one personally would love to see Wolf and Bear hide armours, with matching skull or hide helms. However… The Pict set already got something of a Wolf helm, so seeing that is unlikely, but the Bear Shaman from the Blood and Sands DLC really has little to do with Bears, so maybe there is hope there.

As for transformations…
Future sorcery may have such things, and this one likes the idea of a visual tell that someone is buffed up. We already have potions, ext… So other than dread balancing issues, this seems like a good idea.

Followers with light sources…
While a lovely idea… Thralls are idiots. If they can’t figure out how to use a Shortsword effectively, knowing how to hold a torch reliably is unlikely. Furthermore, will the torch count down while the have it equipped? A silly balance issue, but one that will come up. Perhaps an emote to swing a torch around?
Then again, the Exiled can’t figure out how to hold a torch in their mainhand and a rope or shield in their off hand, so expecting the thrall to do much is sadly unrealistic.

Edit @ZeroGHero mods are applied to the server. There are numerous modded servers PvP and PvE. They are all private servers. Officials are never modded.


Thanks for the info! I’ll have to do some digging around for a modded server, then! Thank you! =)

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The PC Forum has some server lists.

Also, at the moment there is a bit of a bug regarding how mods interface with the game. There are a few videos on the matter.
Now is a good time to progress with patience and caution.
Good luck finding a server with the mods and community you are looking for.
And if all else fails, you can always host your own.

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It looks as though modders proved that it was technically possible to use some of the north east of the map. And i know that cheats also proved that you could build up there at one point. Although as I think was mentioned above, in multiplayer this could be too much for the servers and current game engine to handle.

I do like one of the original ideas though. The ability to temporarily change into an animal could be interesting :grin:

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Then again, the Exiled can’t figure out how to hold a torch in their mainhand and a rope or shield in their off hand,

I don’t believe that the mainhand and offhand option is available on console.

They used to be able to carry torches. This changed with the patch that made followers put away their weapons while not in combat. I do not know how much work would be required to make thralls be able to identify a torch as something to not put away, maybe too much.

We are still only in Chapter 1 of the Age of Sorcery. Possibly transformations will be in a later Chapter.

I think by “assets” you mean ingredients, because the “assets” as a game developer would know them do not exist and would take a lot of work to create. Certainly possible though, if Funcom thinks it is worth the effort.

As others have already addressed, it is “empty” for a reason (it isn’t really empty).

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Animal head helmets? Try the Savage Frontier dlc.

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WHY would the “furry demographic” be of interest to “capture?” And how on earth do you even begin to imagine this would “remain faithful to the lore of Conan?” I assure you, it would NOT. Have you ever read a single Robert E. Howard Conan story?


I’m fairly certain that most animal heads can also be made into helmets that completely hide the wearer’s face, and that the ancient cultures in Conan lore were also capable of doing this. The real question should be, why would anyone do such a thing? You can’t see anything underneath at all, which can generally be regarded as rather impractical! (Especially if you have bad breath, which I think most people may have had)

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There’s a great deal of difference in the look and function of a dead animal’s head being used as part of a helm and a head that is basically making your character into some ridiculous Anthropomorphic monstrosity. 'Nuff said.


Modders don’t live up to the performance standards that Funcom is using.
Yes it is possible, but at a cost of most likely performance.

I would love to see more land… dungeons and stuff, don’t get me wrong I really would like that haha