New decorate on conan

I love to bild in conan exiles. And the main reason i play, is becouse conan is one of the best game for thet :grin:

But ther are Some stuff we nead.
I have bild up my villge owher a longe time now. and thenks funcome. (Yes i am from Norway, so a Viking type of style i have take with me into conan.)
To alow me to bild. Now we nead more stuff thet can bring my village to live.

Animal: piggs, chicen and cov. It also can be somthing thet we can have eggs from. And Meat If we whant to kill them.

Flowerpoots, preformers thet make musick (we all ready have dancers) graveston. ( i have lost some nice thralls.) armorstand ++

  • I also whant you to put the code into the game, so my character show his wapons on the back If you have a axe on you. Ore a sword on ur hip

I agree with you on the viking set. I was thinking about that and a classic castles set. We also need more viking style armor and weapons.

Firespark did release a video on a pc mod that has a huge viking style build set so its possible…

I believe that the eggs in this game come from the kappa, ostrich, shoebills and alligators.

We have some decorative planters now but I assume something smaller is what you had in mind. I would love all of these, especially musical instruments and being able to change the entertainers emotes.

Go to a modded server, we have all that there, and more

Truth, except I play on console

NO weapons on back. They have that on modded servers and it sucks.
A) having a spear 10 ft long is not immersive, (B) I prefer to hide what we have until it is time to pounce.

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