Isn't the Ch 4 Preview a Little Late?

It’s been over three months since the stream for Ch 3. The pattern has been testlive for a month prior to launch, so the announcement is at least one week behind.

Not going to complain too much, if it is delayed to make sure it’s ready.


Sure? Not the stream - but the start of chapter 3 is important…
Mid december - mid january = Month 1
Mid january - mid february = Month 2
Mid february - mid march = Month 3

So after mid march come the stream for chapter 4!

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Since the chapters have lasted 3 months, yep, I am pretty sure. Ch 4 should start in Mid-March, if previous timetables are any indication. So, the stream should have been a week or so ago, with Testlive starting at that time. That allows a month for testing before it launches.

Ch 3 Stream was mid-November, with Testlive starting at the same time. The Chapter went live in December. Three months between chapters. This has been the way from the beginning.


If this one recalls…
And this one is ancient and has many memories of higher priority…
The target chapter length was going to be about 13 weeks.
Give or Take

So this one would only start getting anxious if March starts and we have not heard anything yet.

Was discussing this with @jmk1999 a few days ago. It’s odd that there’s no post of upcoming stream yet.

Perhaps next week? :crossed_fingers:t2:


As I said, I’m not getting too worked up about it if they are just taking a little extra time to make sure they finish the things they want to finish. I was expecting the live stream last week, and when it didn’t show up I started to wonder.

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I’m waiting for “OMG, Funcom is closing CE, there will be no new chapter, what to do now?!?!!11!” :smiley:

jokes aside, I also belive that live stream + testlive should be here already

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It is.

But if the chapter is mostly fixes there might not be much to showcase.

Don’t rush them. :smile:
That’s the cause of most of the problems, I suspect, rushed releases.


No, no new stream, no new chapter until everything is 100% completed, tested and ready.
New Funcom, reliable studio.

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“Oh crap”
“Hey, every body drop Dune for a few while we get some work done on Conan”.

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Have you ever heard about Spice Orgy?
It’s worth it, I heard they are working on the nipple details for the last quarter.
Fremen when they returned to the Sietch they took off these stillsuits and were having fun. There was no internet, no TV, no radio on Dune, there was just “fun” :smiley:

Let them focus as I have a feeling that Dune is going to be the Conan killer.

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Stream probably last day of the month and the update around the 15th of March

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They killed Secret World, they seem to be killing Exiles, so I am sure they will kill Dune given time

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Dune was something interresting but since we will not be able to have our own server, like conan, I don’t think I will play it. I lost interrest for a lot of things in mmo’s. even if conan exiles, is something like that… I still play it, for now.


I believe it’s going to be something like the New World MMO, combination of traditional MMO with a survival game, or next gen MMO as some call it.
Traditional MMOs are dead, things have moved on.

And we don’t know yet how it’s going to be. But private servers means divided community and it is a grave mistake for a MMO.
Or private game modes like they did that in Elite Dangerous. You could play this space MMO in solo mode, or in a private group. You shared the world with other players but you could not see them and they could not see you. Something like a private instance of the game.
As a result everyone went to solo or closed private groups (with internal rules) and you as a new player witnessed empty galaxy with occasional player killers all maxed and geared just looking to kill someone.

Or imagine that Conan map was 20 times wider and 20 times longer, and all of us together in the same, huge world. Dune has potential to be something like that.
Who knows?

Have a feeling it’s just going to be a Dune flavored Conan. But if there is one thing funcom does well it’s sand.
I’m sure I’ll get my $20 out of it when it goes on sale. My biggest worry is the area PVP sounds a lot like fallen earth, and that was the worst part of the game.

End of February and still no hint/trailer/announcement for next chapter release date - worrying…

I don’t think it will matter after Larian roasted developers like Funcom and Tencent at DICE over corporate greed via Microtransactions.

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February ends on the 29th, so we’re technically not at the end of the month quite yet