Lava Worms in the wild?

I’ve seen previous posts where they were mentioned, but I’ve yet to see one for myself, besides spawned in as an admin ofc. Can anyone confirm that they actually do spawn “naturally” or would the likeliest scenario be people spawning them via admin panel and messing with others?

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Not sure what you mean by “lava worms”, but we found 2 very ugly worms in the volcano.
They were tagged with 1 skull and they drop abysmal flesh.
It seems only one can spawn in the volcano at a time but not sure…

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Yeah, I’ve met that one too. Ugly little critters.
I mean these ones though


Edit: Sorry, suppose I ought to have provided visual reference beforehand.

Never seen those before. I’ve seen larvae for I think it was locusts in the Volcano, but nothing like that. They’re kinda cool looking! Then again I haven’t been in the Volcano in quite some time.

Personally only seen it when I spawned it via admin panel, but supposedly, according to some, they are able to randomly pop up as it is… Was out looking for them most of yesterday evening with no luck, so not sure if it’s possible to run into them or they’re just rare.

Yeah I saw it in the panel just to confirm it for myself. I also saw an old thread where a guy supposedly saw one in the Southern edge of the volcano where he snapped a picture of the location and the worm. No way to confirm he didn’t plant it there. Kinda sounds fun to go hunt one down though to see if it’s a myth or not!

There can be 2? I only know 1 Location. Next to this guy:

This worm:

Can you share the post/location…

I dont think this is ingame yet…
The wiki article from this creature also shows it loot. This is kinda connected to the last boss/artefact, which isnt ingame yet.

I always believe that this game released before it was tottaly ready. Then you tubers confirm it or different gaming sites that rate the game. Bronze coins, diferent mobs etc… Are to be seen, not in the far future in the game, as long as we, the supporters, continue playing the game. Patience my friends and keep playing.

This would be the post in which someone posted that he saw it spawn:

None of my “hunts” to see if they actually exist ingame has borne any fruit though, so I can’t confirm anything sadly.

Edit: But yes, I’m starting to think you’re right and that it isn’t ingame. Or it’s an insanely rare spawn at least. Becauuse as you say, the loot it drops is connected to stuff not ingame yet, so it would make sense.

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Yeah. People say only 1 spawns. I have my doubts as well.

T’is quite the shame really, because even if it’s a chance encounter and all, one of these popping up while you’re randomly running along the lava rivers and scaring you the hell out and all, would’ve been so nice XD not groundbreaking or anything, but just a nice touch

spawn em all over outside someones base and make an epic dbz win in front of em.

I’ve never seen one in wild myself, And i roamed with Ghost and God mode on looking…

if there that rare, cool.

I have found 2 of them. Same place. In the Pens.

Live game client? :open_mouth: not Testlive or something?

they are currently on the same code. You can tell by looking at the server list and seeing all the regular and testlive servers as available to play.

2 at the same place, so 1?

I have found that worm in the Pens >20 times…

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yes, same place. I don’t like spending time in Volcano. Too oppressive to enjoy. Once a week or so I pop in for some thralls, but that is it, after securing a small base and all the dungeon stuff.

Well, one other exception is rocks. Rock concentration is extremely high there, so when I need a huge haul, I’ll spend an hour mining it.