Something NEW In Egypt?

I was just (like less than a minute ago) doing The Madness Of Men and reached the point where I needed to hunt down the Lava Golems. I got to the location of the first one and it wasn’t there. There wasn’t anyone else there who might have recently killed at and there was a huge wave (I lost count at 30) Flame Wisps approaching in a wave. I killed them all and THEN the Golem comes running from deeper in the Lava Field. That’s never happened before, or at least I’ve never seen it.
Anyone else seen this?

I haven’t seen anything quite so mad.

I did have to wait for a minute for the lava golem to materialize out of thin air recently, and it didn’t actually do that in the normal spot.

Thought it was a one-off glitch, but if golems’b’weird for others, too, there might actually be an issue with the spawn atm. So maybe this should be modded over to bug reports.

Well, crap.
I was hoping that it was something to do with the upcoming trip to Africa. Maybe the start of a series of tiny Easter Egg changes to a related series of missions that culminate in the launch of Season Two.
Ah, well, it was a longshot, anyways :slightly_frowning_face:

Moved the thread to Bug Reports.

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