🐲 What is the Lava Worm?

What is this guy and where can I find it? Stumbled upon it when playing as Admin in search for Rotbranch. As I placed it, I thought did just see Shin Godzilla. :open_mouth: His head alone is as large as Rotbarch itself. If you slay it, it gives you “Triumvirate” which itself holds a puzzle. Maybe some future boss for a dungeon inside the volcano? :thinking:

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I spawned it in and took a look to.
It just seems like it is a reskinned and bigger version of the dreggs abomination.
It spits lava but not much more, it didn’t seem like it could hurt me at all so it’s not very functional ^^
It gives the Staff of the Triumvirate wich is not a new item.

But it also gives the “Essence of the Serpent Ring” wich i have not seen before.

"This essence, taken from the Servant of the Ring, hopefully contains enough of the dark sorcery to complete the ritual to create the keystone, that can be used to remove the slave bracelet."

Maybe another conan veteran can come shed some light on this since i haven’t done everything myself yet!

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My guess is this essence will be used in the future to awaken or even activate the Ring of Set.

If you go talk to the Cartographer and the Set religion trainer, they both mention a man who came to the exiled lands and found a ring of ancient and terrible magic, The Ring of Set. He used the ring to shove the Set priest out of the cabal and exile him in the lands.

It was said that only the ring could unlock the braclets sorcery.

My Clan where building a little bridge across the lava channel in the volcano near the gas fields and it popped out of the lava a scared the total crap out of all of us. Never heard men scream like that (including me). It just swayed a bit and spat lava at us. Never want to see it again.


Oh so it does spawn in the wild? That’s new to me, cool :smiley:

But is the “Essence of the Serpent Ring” a new item or is there another boss that gives it from before?

I am not happy I spawned that thing. Sure it was in a safe place, but the way it looks at you is just messed up creepy. I’m with nismo1969 I don’t want none of that lava anaconda, Jane Fonda.

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Where was this? I would like to go check it out.

Me to i’v only ever spawned it once.
If it’s in the game I wanna see it.

The point in which the game takes place Thoth-Amon already has the serpent ring of Set. Mek-Kamoses says as much himself.

Many thanks for your replies! Since you need the Ring of Set or it’s essence to unlock the bracelet, it must be in the game since release. After your hint with the laval channel near the gas fields, I did some search but couldn’t get it to spawn till now. Maybe it is random when and where it spawns in the volcano? :thinking:

Just finished a huge day at work I’ll try to post a map pick of exactly where it spawned. One of our clan members got a steam pic so I’ll try to get that also. Hope to post info tomorrow night guys sorry very tired.


Many thanks, looking forwad to it! :+1: :yum:

Yes thank you. Cant wait.

Ok here goes. First pic is rough location it’s half way between the entrance from the frost temple and the hidden way entrance. There is a lot of obsidian nodes and golden lotus and 1 lone large scorpion.

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Here is the pics of the worm.


Ok cool ty

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