Has anyone found the Serpent Ring of Set?

I found rest but haven’t found the last one yet :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the last item i don’"t know how to find, and the framengts of stone to sell at Petruso. These are the items i can’t find through exploration /killing bosses :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t found the Serpent Ring of Set yet, but the Scourgestone (Heart of the Sands) is found by collecting three pieces of it to give to the guy in the Sandswept Ruins in the southwest jungle biome (where it’s still desert-y).

The first piece is in “The Passage” where you kill a giant locust within. The location is the very norther part of the swamp river where it turns into a little pond, and you’ll find the entrance inside of a stone face’s mouth.

The second piece is in Gallaman’s Tomb, where it is looted by skinning the boss crocodile at the end of the cave.

The third piece is looted off of the pirate captain who is in the Captains Quarters, in the center of that lagoon that’s in the north east section of the jungle biome.

I still haven’t been able to find the Diadem of the Giant Kings, so if anyone can point me towards that, I would be grateful.

The Diadem is from BarrowKing Beaneth

We are currently looking for a few itema…can anyone help us out? We need the Tears of 2 Races, The star of the Champion and the shining Trapezohedron. If you could help us out that would be great!

According to the lore, we will not be able to find the Serpent Ring of Set. It was used to create the bracelets we all wear.

archivist you mean.

It isn’t 100% sure about that

Yeah, if anything Thoth-Amon would be wearing it.

Go kill the Kinscourge in the Black Keep, the Undead Dragon in the Arena and the boss serpent-man in serpent city. For the last, you’ll find him in the building with the glowing ‘ghost’ serpent-men. You have to keep killing the ‘ghosts’ until the boss’ shield drops and then you can kill him.

The Serpent Ring of Set isn’t needed to create the Keystone and leave the Exiled Lands, so I guess we won’t be seeing it in the game for now.

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The volcano boss is not dropping that gem.

Volcano Boss drop the Trapezohedron, The Tears of Two races are drop by Tyros (Silent Legion boss), the Star of the Champion is dropped by the Dragon (according to the hints and Lore it’s obvious it is, and it is),

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It should be in his loot, not from harvesting.

That’s what I thought but it says the boss has no loot

They dont always drop.

Are you playing on a modded server or singleplayer game? I was tinkering with some mods and found that one or more of them block the drops from occuring and make existing drops appear invisible.

As others said, Thoth Amon has the Serpent Ring of Set. Thoth Amon is currently in Stygia as their High Priest. The Exiled Lands are a bit far away from Stygia.


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