Is Serpent Ring of Set in the game?/ Thoth Amon/ Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate

I have gone through a lot of lore and i have 6 of the 7 items needed to remove the bracelet. The Archivist mentions Thoth Amon took it but i have yet to discover him through all my adventuring and i cant find anyone online who has discovered it. Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate says a lot for the last item, but at the end says " one of the Triumvirate should know more, that is all i know " which A. makes me believe its not in the game yet because its suppose to know everything. If not everything have a lot of wisdom or B. In the description of the item it says " can offer advice to the wielder, but whether it can be trusted is a different story " makes me believe the demon knows and if so, how do i make it tell me. Any thoughts or tips or brainstorming will be helpful.

No he shouldn’t be in the game at all, he should be in Stygia during this timeframe. You dont need the ring of set to escape, per the archivist. You need the other items.

i have the other 6 items but the staff is telling me i need the Serpent Ring of Set

those are the 6 other items i have

put them in the chaosmouth altar

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