Didn't Petruso turn into a giant snake?

Happen to me before but it was a while ago but i think it was when i got the 3 pieces and took them to Petruso the sandstorm maniac i’m pretty sure he turned into a giant snake boss and i can’t make him turn back like that unless maybe it was a mod? or maybe it was a feature before but not anymore? or am i the only one that happen? idk just wondering if it happened to you guys as well.

He’s never done that for me, either.

Never had that happen to me. This is the first time I heard of it.

man i was sure it was petruso…but like i said it happened so long ago that i just remember the temple that had snake statues with the same environment but maybe i am mixing it up with something else… thanks anyways guys :slight_smile:

that would be actually fun, after turning the pieces the maniac becomes aggresive and tries to kill you. once dead you loot the scourge stone

he needed the 3 pieces to be free, that is why i thought before when i brought the 3 pieces he was released and transformed into a snake that attacked me… but maybe it was all in my head lol

It really would be a nice touch if he transformed into something upon receiving the 3 pieces and then, as Cyryus suggested, we get to loot the Scourgestone after killing the monster. I just don’t think the giant snake would be the best thing to transform into.

The voice that speaks through Petrusso is the personification of the sandstorm that sweeps the Exiled Lands, an entity summoned by the Priestking and unleashed to do what it wills when the Warmaker Klael lost control of it. As such, I don’t think the giant snake is the proper representation of it, because giant snakes are pets kept by worshippers of Set (among which are the Giant Kings) in their temples, to participate in sacrificial rituals.

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