Snake and Giant Snake Pets

I would like to see the Snakes added to the tamable pets, we already can build altars of Set and summon the Avantar of the Snake god, so it would make sense if you play as a follower of Set to have some Snakes and maybe even giant Snakes guarding your Temples etc.

To get the Eggs I would suggest that you are only able to get them from an NPC, maybe from someone like Mek-kamoses or one of the NPCs in the Vulcano and only in exchange for Human Hearts to prove that you are real follower of Set.

They would come in 4 variants
Variant A & Variant B would both be Cobras
Variant C would be the middle-sized orange Anaconda you can find in the Dessert.
Variant D would be the Giant-sized Anaconda you can find in the Jungle.

Changed the name and some details of my posts to make it more clear what I mean.


Disgusting …

Last I knew we couldn’t even tame the regular sized snakes…

This has been suggested previously Nadia and as you will see was VERY popular. No word yet on whether or not it will happen, but I for one hope that it will come to pass. A great lore friendly addition with plenty of roleplay value. :snake: Here is the link:


As my good friend @Croms_Faithful pointed out, many moons ago before all these wondrous changes and additions we have been blessed with, a devout follower of Set wrote the true gods of the Exiled lands a humble plea to be able to practice the veneration of the slithering children of father Set. Lets hope they hear your chants this time around.



A regular snake would be cool to have aswell as a poison applier, once we have “attack! “ and “come back!” commands, it will be a whole new experience, I can see even the black widow being useful.

Also, transforming into a snake as a Set spell would be tons of fun.



I changed my post to make it clear that I also mean the regular sized snakes.

I did not know that there was already a topic about snake pets, probably because of the name of the original Topic, also the old topic is already been closed so I guess it is ok to discuss about it here now except it is against the Rules or something.^^

No this is a good thing Nadia, and as far as I know it does not clash with any rules or guidelines. There are a number of suggestions which come up here on the forum time and again. For example, just punch Armour Display Mannequins, Musician thralls or the ability customise hair and beard stlyes (a Barber) into the search engine and behold the results. I feel that the more often it is raised, and the more support it garners, the better the odds of Funcom giving it serious consideration. I for one hope we can someday tame Snakes as Pets. :snake:


Snakes would be cool but I think the big ones would be kinda glitchy inside bases (clipping through walls and having a hard time to move around in enclosed spaces) the way the game is right now.

But cobras would probably work in enclosed spaces since they are small.
They could add them alongside the Salamanders and komodo dragons :slight_smile:

Snake pets, especially giant ones, would add greatly to the ERP community, I support this.

Ok good to know. =)

We already have things like Rinos, Elephants, Mammoths & Yetis who are already “to oversized” for enclosed spaces, and I don’t think that just the size of them would be a reason to not add them at this point, Funcom will make the Giant variant probably a little bit smaler anyway like they did with the Elephants, if they decide to add them as tamable pets.

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… one night, yumi woke up full of sweat, she had dreamed of visiting
her altar set. When she was there a lot of a huge snake wrapped her
around her, and squeezed her last breath out of her. For three days
she made a long detour around her altar …

… Good idea, it just scares me a little :sweat:

Yeah and they arent even the largest ones anymore. The real big boys now are the pet Frost Giant and pet Black Yetti. :flushed: If you ask me these whoppers are better as outdoor pets.

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Ooh yeah!



Is it me or the great Snakegod seem shine more than usual those day ? I’m all for that ! :snake:

if pets were visible for the owners only, i would be ok with whatever but having all these disgusting creatures everywhere, ewwwwwwwww e.g. the new scorpion pets :frowning:

Hahaha. You know Narelle…I always wanted to have a pet Imp on this game, but simply havent asked yet. Much like the Rieklings on Skyrim they are not only a barrel of laughs, but so wretchedly adorable with their small size and inane jibber-jabber. Theyre so damn cute. I want a horde of michevous Imps. :smiling_imp:

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Mhh I guess you are the first conan player I know who seems to dislike the animals so much, do you have some kind of phobia or do you just think that some Animals like Snakes, Spiders & Scorpions are “icky”

I just like them fluffy :slight_smile:

I second this motion! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: :metal::smiling_imp: