Pet suggestions, komodo, salamander and cobra

Hi, the title is pretty straight forward so I just start explaining how I imagine these ^^
The base pet komodo could be a little bit stronger like the base croc since the komodos are more rare (like with the jaguar and the tiger where the base tiger is a bit stronger). Mighty version could be a white one and as strong as the mighty croc.
Salamander would be cool since thwy would be the first archer pet. But wouldnt add a mighty version cause I think that would be a bit op due to the fact that you dont have to give them ammo. Just decent healt base version with maybe around 3000 hp like the tiger.
The cobra would be a nice pet just for our fellow set worshippers to place around their altar ^^. Thinking about lower health around 1800hp but good poison stacking (they are very small and it wouldnt make sence if they are tanky as hell).

Oh and before you ask, yes the big snakes would be cool too, but I think they would glitch out inside bases due to their size and body shape (clipping through walls etc). So might skip these for now.

Feel free to comment if you have more suggestions depending stats and stuff :slight_smile:

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