Snake pets for Set

So are we ever going to be able to have snakes as pets?

Just curious.

You could totally have to hatch them on the altar of Set for a giant serpent.


I like this idea. Maybe expand and have some of the different animals craftable in T3 altars for better chances at greaters.
Set–Giant Snakes
Derketo—Greater Panthers
Mitra–Greater Rhino
Yoq—Gold Rocknose
Jhebal—White Wolf

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Yog I picture Hyenas as they are scavengers and when hungry have been known to eat other hyena.

Or maybe a spider.

Unless we ever get Zath. It would get spiders.

I like the spider better than Hyena. Wolf and cats would make the hyena’s feel redundant with the way they attack. Spiders would be a nice variation to the mix.

Agreed. But thematically the Hyena would be more fitting and probably better considdering how easy it is to get Yog. His priest is surrounded by them. A gator would also be appropriate.

Mitra should give a lion or something like that.

I like all of your other suggestions. Im just looking at the progression in which you get the faiths at the area in which they come In.

Heck id even be fine if Jhebal or Ymir had a sabre cat.

With the amount of detail that they put in the game from the movie. I’m surprised they haven’t done this.

I’d say a giant boar for Yog…lol

Hog for Yog

I hate snake

Sneik veri dengerus :smiley:

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