A Suggestion For Adding A New Pet To Conan Exiles

On the isle of siptah your able to get a pet that is known as a Yakith.

I wish we could get a Corrupted Panther as a pet.

Even if it ment a way could be added to the game that if we mix something like Black Lotus Powder, Grind down corrupted stones into a powder and add the two to grule then feed our panther pets the mixture so it would turn our panthers into Corrupted Panthers.

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If you play on PC and use mods, Shimas Compendium adds these guys!

Yeah I only can play it on my Xbox Series X.

So that means we can’t use mods.

For us console players if a food mixture could be added to the game then we could have a corrupted panther.

Speaking of pets i would like to see crabs added in some way (not sure if lore friendly but) I want a little crab buddy like that little Armored dwarf crab pet from ES Skyrim.

I miss that little guy🥹

i would like ridable Dragon Hatchlings :heart_eyes:

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I would like a tiny Abysmal Remnant that we can keep in a pot even if just for decoration. I would also like for them to add both Magma Rocknose and greater magma Rocknose into the pool of other Rocknose pets we can already have.

Not until we can have snakes as pets. I want to raise a snake from a baby.

Iv been requesting snakes for pets for ages. Still don’t understand why we don’t have them yet?

We need to fix old ones first.

I got my 2 rats now so i’m very very happy.

Can’t show theyre names but It starts with A, and the other With T, if i get another i will name him B…

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