A Set Cultist's humble request



A very classy request Necro. And considering that some larger size snakes are on their way, it would make a nice, lore friendly addition.


I think this is exactly the reason for the Cultist’s honeyed pleas. You know how these Set followers get when witnessing all the magnificent slithering multitudes that keep on expanding in shape, sizes and variation…

(Thanks man! Appreciated!)


Hey no problem. Im more of a Crom guy myself (I dont know what the give away is though), but your suggestion has sooo much roleplay value. If one encounters a clan or player who is a devout Set worshipper, we would expect finding a whole heap of snakes around their base. It would really add to the feel or ‘vibe’ of their base.


I second this motion.

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That, acolyte of Crom, is exactly why I want them to add it. Having recently discovered RP myself, I will most likely not be doing any other style of Conan Exiles gameplay ever again. And my Set fantasy needs some venerated pets! Frankly they can be the worst pet defense wise, but like you said…Set altar in a dramatically lit pyramid, priest praying to Set with skulls and snakes adorning the floor! Man, I hope they consider it…


And the cult of Set rejoices!:smiling_imp:

(Thanks man!)

If they ever made the giant snakes, or even the smaller ones tameable, they could actually serve as a good defense, with some weapons they can be an annoyance to hit, and the poison they possess could possibly make a big difference when coupled with thralls or even yourself.

Also imagine strolling by someone’s base and seeing the gates guarded by a pair of giant snakes, as they say, intimidation is the best deterrent.

My hope for the tamable snakes are the small snakes and maybe 2 or 3 variants of them, like a spitting one a fast one and the regular one and then the newly added medium size ones as the greater version, would be great for 2 variations but not necessary. Well, lets hope! :sweat_smile:

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I heard that the Unnamed City update added some ‘medium’ sized snakes in. By that I mean in between the Snake World Boss size, and the small/standard sized ones just outside of Murielas Hope for example. Do you know if this did indeed come to pass or not?

Yes, indeedy do. It did come to pass my friend. You get those small standard size snakes that have always been in the desert area and with the new patch they have taken the world boss model and reduced it in size to I would say large anaconda size? But yeah, they are found in desert area in and around the mitra teacher and in the jungle biome. I almost crapped myself when I came face to face with one of these beauties…


Cool! Cant wait to see one. And hopefully that will someday translate to a few variations in size, as far as potential pets goes. Here, for you… :snake:

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I’m pleased to see this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I want my pyramid with snakes too and the treasure room with a really big one guarding it

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falls to the ground writhing like a snake as though trying to dig into the earth while a constant hiss escapes the cultist’s thin lips…

My lord,thank you. I am trying my best oh glorious and powerful god of gods! still face down convulsing in snake like patterns

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Would also be nice if we had a way to get serpent men as thralls too, or even the ability to become one through “sorcery”. The religion of Set does come from the serpent men after all.

Well, that would be SICK! Becoming one through Set worship and sorcery…not likely but maybe when sorcery comes out? :sweat_smile:
At least we can unlock their statues now.

Wow 18 likes and counting Necro, thats a very strong number and show of support as far as the forum goes. I hope that Funcom has been keeping an eye on this, and give it some serious consideration.

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Well my friend, I hope they have. I wish they would say something. But most of all thank you for replying to this thread so much! It keeps getting attention the more people post and sending it back to the top. So thank you for your contribution man!

I would support this idea. However, I have an idea to caveat or augment this…

What if you were able to raise the snakes… possibly in the T3 altar of Set… but they were still wild. You could interact with them, set them to guard, but limit them by preventing them from being able to follow you. But coming into proximity of anyone - including their masters - they attack! I guess this might not be very feasible to implement if they end up attacking your other thralls and creatures as a result. Perhaps that would be the trick of it - if you keep a snake pit, you would have to keep them well enough away from your other combat thralls and pets.

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How many hearts do we need to sacrifice ? :snake: