Hyborians Gone Wild 18+ E/RP

Mod List: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1869767836
Mod order is available in Discord: https://discord.gg/JPF4Vrw
Direct Connect: steam://connect/

You awaken surrounded by steel and stone; the dry air of the desert invading your nostrils. A burning feeling on your left wrist complete with a bracelet marks you as condemned. Those who put you here may not understand the magics that corrupt the lands, but enough is known to make the lands your prison. For the crimes you were wrongfully or rightfully convicted, you have been sentenced to exile within the confines of the cursewall, a stretch of land full of mystery and intrigue. Those who came before you fight for dominance of the lands and rebuild a semblance of civilization within the confines of the cursewall. Now is the time for your story to begin…

What do you do Exile, when there is nothing left but to live or die?


Fast-growing, well-established, active & friendly player base

Explore a variety of kinks & lifestyle choices

Active, knowledgeable, & helpful staff

Server Owner is an IT professional

Classic Hyborian lore from the books & movies

Roleplay based population - text-based roleplay

Player driven economy, events & storyline

Custom content added often including daily quests and dungeons

Custom built immersive & low lag Market, Transport Hub, Brothel, Tavern, Bathhouse & Arena - opportunity for player RP ownership

Starter kit available

Level 65 boost available

Level 300 cap - not limited by in game mechanics

Easy, short, common-sense rules

Consent based PVP & optional dice rolling system

Server Settings:

Server Capacity: 70

Server Location: California, USA

Harvest Multiplier: x5

Player XP Multiplier: x5


Building Damage: OFF

Sandstorms: ON

Logged Out Characters Remain in World: OFF

Drop on Death: OFF

Purge: OFF

Avatar Summoning: OFF

Bump :slight_smile:

Such a fun server Looking for more to help build stories and have fun with!

Sounds so nice. Sadly I’m afraid my ping will kill anything for me.

“help build stories and have fun with” … stirring thoughts :thinking: