Hyena is disappeared after an hour

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Hyena is gone
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We craft an tamed spotted hyena and after an hour it is disappeared from the server(Co-op).

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Hello @Noukkii, thank you for getting in touch!

Do you have any messages regarding the Hyena on the Event Log?

It’s also possible that it went back to the last place you set it to guard.

No but it is alright. We have started over because we have a lot of problems( stove doesnt work, Hyena is gone, bugs.)

So we hope it will be better this time.

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because i cant make an new topic. I have a question about pets fooding

We have feed our pet more than 2000 leaves but in a second it is all gone when i look.

Is this normal?

Pets and Thralls no longer need to be fed.

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We had 1 White Tiger and 1 sabre tooth cat. They are bot disappeared after when we get back from exploring the area. We have check all the old spawn places and around the whole house/building.
But we cant find them.

Is there a maximum of Animal/Pets you may have?


Just check your event log as they might be dead. If it says they returned home they will be in the last place you told them to stand guard. Good luck!

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