Big report pets disappeared but are still there technically

Game mode: Single player
Problem: Bug
Region: F6 Desert region

Hello I’m currently playing on Xbox one offline single player mode and I was using pets(hyenas) and I had to leave to do some housework so I logged off well after logging back on I came to find that my 3 hyenas were gone I checked the event list and nothing happens the feeding pen had food, also as I went to the area they are suppose to be I lag a bit and move around the spot and sometimes I can find their name to pop up but the problem in tow is that they don’t appear and won’t eat but I can still hear the noises they make

Steps on how to reproduce issue: single player offline resource gathering up and custom settings
2. Build near big tree on hill at sector f6 tames down
4. Log out and log back in

Are they placed on foundations? We had the issue of them sinking into the foundations and you could take them out after destroying it. Careful with the building stability though.

Hey yeah no thanks for your concern but I’ve already solved it I looked up videos of pets and their actions but mine were completely different they didn’t even move correctly just glided along the floor and the animation for their attack was weird, what had happened was apparently the game was updating While I had internet, but it was on my hotspot which I didn’t realize it was updating I thought it finished redone loading the game so I was playing on a not complete updated version but i updated it and the pets are back and it’s running a lot more smoothly then before


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