I am back at level 0

Game mode: [ Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: [Sweden]

I am now back and stuck on level 0 and -1 experians points. was level 60, still have 1019 fet.points.
restarted the console and the game a couple of times.
has been so since saturday morning

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I hope this happend because you glitch/cheat your exp up to lvl 60

single player mode must be gettin eaten up by bugs. luckily with the admin panel u dont gotta wait for them to give ur stuff back 8]

The only thing that changed is I cant open skeleton key chests and consume fragment of power, the only thing that is missing is my stable and horse. And no I have not cheated I played many hours

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He’s playing singleplayer, so who cares if he “cheated” (using the admin panel is entirely legitimate).


Well on the steam/windows version there has been several issues with authentication that led many people to have an “alter ego” at 0 level, like a new character. I’m not saying it’s your case. Try and check if by mistake you changed name to your clan.
There was another person that was complaining that in single player he built as a player, then created a clan, then changed the clan name and all his single player stuff was screwed up, like he couldn’t open chests but he could open doors or something like that.

But the fact that “single player games” have multiplayer decay timer enabled by default and no save slots for multiple games should get us to think in what state the game is. Early access that is.

No I dont have a clan. All my house, chest and everything ells still belong to me and I can acces them.

I had an auto generated clan named “Mang”
(I never made a clan in my life)
does it count me in for that?

Hello @magnus_moller, welcome to the forums!

Do you recall the exact steps taken prior to the issue having occurred?

Were you playing solo singleplayer or coop?

Solo singleplayer. The only thing diferent I did this time was i dyed the armour of two thralls, never done that befor. Logged out. Next time I logged on the thralls armour had the original collour.

Did you ever use any admin settings to increase your character’s level or feats?

No havent changed anyting in settings, and no I have not clicked make me admin button.

Thank you for the additional information, we’ll be sure to register the issue for the team to look into, it seems likely that it occurred due to some sort of save game corruption.

Just to clarify, did you get 1019 feat points through consuming fragments of power and did you never use any admin settings?

I worked my way to max level, then I discovered that you could consume them to get more feat.points. And NO for the third time I have never used the admin settings to level up or get feat.points. the reason I have so many feat.points is that I want to unlock al weapons. I go to the unnamed city and try kill 2-4 bosses and look for the f.o.p. chest almost every day.

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