XP stopped at 18,199,150 / 19,132,275

Game mode: | Singleplayer]
Problem:| Bug |
Region: Australia

Hi All. I was playing on single player before the full release and at some point used Admin to gain levels (save file was corrupted and i was too far along to start again). Some time later I stopped gaining XP at 18,199,150 points. I looked at the forums and people said it still accumulated but didn’t show. It didn’t though, but i was high enough that i just finished the game when it went live. I started again after removing the bracelet and all seemed well. But when I got to 18,199,150 I stopped gaining XP again. I have looked every where and there is no satisfactory answer as to why. Im sure it’s a bug. I have stopped playing my current game as its no use doing anything if i am not progressing.
Can anyone help? I dont want to start again if I am only going to stop at the same point. Currently over level 60.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I have the exact same numbers. My guess is it has something to do with the level cap at 60 :wink:

If I am mistaken that there is a cap at 60 please let me know :slight_smile:

I thought the cap was increased. I am probably wrong. Damn, hope that’s not the case.

Level cap still 60…You can add levels via admin but the XP won’t go any higher. You won’t get anymore points for attributes either. You can add feats via the admin panel to test everything, but only one feat at a time and I lose count sometimes.

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This doesn’t seem right. I just did some calculations and at level 60, i still have 113 recipes to unlock, which i wont be able to unless I use Admin, and if you evenly raised attributes you would only get up to level 2 perks. At best you could only max out 2 attributes, but that could be at the expense of having 0 for the other ones.
The Level cap has to be raised! At the moment it feels as if you can only get a character to half it’s potential, then alot of the game mechanics feel pointless. I am speaking from a solo player point of view. I love this game, it’s one of the most original survival games I’ve played, but I am starting to get frustrated.

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level cap is still 60.

And no, in singleplayer you can’t unlock all receip alone, without mods, or admin-commands.

Best in singleplayer is adding a mod allowing you to level higher than 60, and so unlock more receipt. I do it still on my SP, but also on my small server.

First i reach now lvl 60 to quickly, and i like still be able to level more, it’s just more fun i mean. But also i like solo a lot, so i need realy be able to unlock more receipts.

I think in singleplayer a such mod is a real good solution.

I agree Vattende. I think with the level cap at 60 a Mod is the most “legitimate” way to go.

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