I apparently spend to much time in game

I stayed at my sisters house christmas eve. I fell asleep and encountered a dream that goes much like this:

I am with two companions, all of us are wearing scraps and running from the undead. One of the guys with me is a priest/preacher of some sort, I don’t know how I know this. We don’t have a history we are all just on the run. The priest dude is barefoot and finds a boot as we are stumbling towards some caves. He removes the foot that still resides in the single boot and mentions that it fits better then nothing at all before wearing it himself. We hear sounds approaching and can see the blue glow approaching so we all frantically bolt into the caves hoping for a way out. Their is an opening ahead but a skittering sound brings my attention to shadows along the wall and the closer we get to the exit the more they coalesce into the shape of scorpions. I reach the exit but now have shadow scorpions crawling along my arms.

Then I hear a high pitched girls voice singing, “POLICE SNOBBY DOG” (feliz navidad)as my brother in-laws daughter comes charging in to the room I am sleeping in.

That was my christmas morning. I avoided making this a flowery story at all, this is the closest to my perspective of the dream. I thought someone else might enjoy it.


A well spent Christmas day then. Good work!
Just think of the dreams you’ll have after 2,000+ hours - till then your dream are still using training-wheels! :laughing:

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