So, I downloaded this game on Steam exactly one yr ago today

:joy: Ya, I shit you not. Those hrs are from Dec.26/21-Dec.26/22 I haven’t even got to play testlive yet. Lol. In all honesty, every one of those hrs were well spent on developing some very ambitious creative content. This whole last yr was all about development. This next yr will be, well, still about development :joy:, but things will be rolling out at the same time. I’d like to thank those who have worked on and developed this game. Including, the mod and content creators, and the community as a whole. To the company and developers, I can’t speak for anyone else’s point of view, but as far as mine goes, you have created something incredibly special based upon very special works. Hat’s off. To the mod and content creators, you have taken something special, made from something special, and made it even MORE special!! Now, in my books, anyone who can pull that off deserves some praise. :pray: And to the whole community, you have my deepest thanks. I wouldn’t even know where to begin naming names of all the great ppl I’ve got to know through this community. Too many to count. This last yr was all the more better thx to you. All I can do is hope that you will enjoy what I am creating when it is released, so it might be some repayment to you for all kindness and hard work. And with that, I wish you all a happy holidays, and happy New Year!!! :microphone:(Drops mic. Leaves room.)


Uh, 10 hours a day?

Substituted sleep for Conan? :crossed_swords:


Geez, honestly, usually over 12. Some days up to 16. All going towards something. :sweat_smile: Ya, I know that seems nuts. I only sleep 4-5 hrs. Lol. I do, do other things, but the days I’m working on this stuff, I go as hard as I can. Fortunately, I have lots of spare time, and a super supportive family. They know what it’s about. Like I said, an ambitious project. One that was gonna take a lot dedication and time to complete. And well, I’m dedicated and I got nothing but time to lose. And this whole experience has already been worth the time spent. Creating stuff is just fun for me. But ya, a LOT of time. Lol

That’s some serious Conaning right there. :fist_right: :fist_left:


I can imagine this guy when some jackass annoys him:
That’s some serious gaming right there!