I bring the gift of knowledge, Exiles! How to gain resin, and shaleback hatchling shells!

Shaleback hatchling shells… lots of rumors, and they’re all wrong! Use your hatchet. You’re welcome. I harvested THOUSANDS with a skinning knife, with harvest multipliers increased, and not a single one. Used my hatchet, and bam! Got one instantly. Note, you DO have to have the feat unlocked that lets you USE the shell, before you will see it drop as a harvest item.

Now… resin! Gather near, friends, lest this get out. We all know, that you can get some of this sap from trees when you harvest them. Some tools seem to get a bit more, but always rare… No more, I tell you!

Take up the skill of food drying. Trust me! Now then, place freshly harvested WOOD into your dryer. Fuel your dryer with finely chosen (ok, any you can find…) bark. Then sit back, and wait while the Sun provides you resin in quantities you can only imagine!!

Here’s a head scratcher for you, however! So Drying wood creates “dry wood” and resin… but what is then, “insulated wood”?? Well, you put the resin back! Reverse the process in your artisan bench (it’s harder to get that resin back in, than it is to dry it out!)

Good luck!


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