Shaleback Hatchling Shell

Hi There, I’m trying to make the Shaleback shield.
It requires 3 Shaleback hatchling shell’s
I have killed 47 Hatchling’s and used my skinning knife. So far I have 1 shell.
Working as intended? Am I missing something?

I managed to get 3 of those by using pickaxe, but it took ages and I also killed sooo many of them.

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Thanks for the reply. So, maybe the tool does not matter. Its just a numbers game. A bit sad that such a low level shield requires so much time.

I usually find them in chests or off NPCs. :woman_shrugging:

Same problem for months. I know they are only pixels, but killing baby shalebacks for hours makes me sick :face_with_thermometer:

If you think killing baby shaleback is difficult, try to kill one of those cute baby hyenas. Fortunately I didn’t find anything that would force me to do such thing. :smile: Really hope there is no special loot on them. :smile:

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I just tell myself that those “cute” baby hyenas grow up into adult hyenas that constantly harass me in numbers! LOL

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