I can not save my game player in online mode,

I can not save my game player in online mode, every time I left the game and I return, I start from 0, why?

Hey there! Please note that if you are picking different servers each time, you will need to make a new character on each server. To continue where you left off, you should play on the same server. Or is this happening on singleplayer? Thanks for your patience!


I did not try single player. today I will be testing that way. I really did not think about it.
Dedicated company servers of vcs, do not close ne?

I bet you were thinking wth kind of game is this, starting from scratch every time you log in :smiley:

“Damn youngsters and their savegames and memory cards… in my day, games started over when you turned off the system, and we liked it!”

(actually we didn’t but there wasn’t much of a choice in most cases)

Super Mario Bros. 3 on NES without flutes :smiley:

But I digress…

when you go to play online, use the history filter and you will see where you have played.

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