I cannot connect to Official server

After a long year and a half, I returned to try out the many new features that have become part of the game.
I have always played on Official servers and would like to do so in the future, but the server lag ruins the gaming experience.
Currently it is not possible to connect to any of the Official servers, but a major problem is that the presence of 15-20 active players in the late afternoon hours causes severe lag.
For example, I want to play on the EU 1042 server, but without any warning it will throw me out and ping me 9999 indicating that I cannot connect.
This is the most serious bug, as you cannot play the game. Please fix it immediately!

Yeah the servers have been really bad these past couple of days. Right now even I cant connect to the official server I play on. Idk if the update made things worse or whats happening to the servers but it’s pretty annoying not being able to play when you get the chance

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