Why can't we join the official servers with the very First try?

Hello there,

I’d like to know why we cannot join the official servers with our very first try?
Either the ping shows 9999 or it says “Can’t join server - Your ping is higher than the maximum allowed ping on the server”.
Plus In-game during our gameplay there is a huge lag that we cannot even play, gameplay experience is nearly horrible for us. This is really annoying it affects our gameplay. I say “our” because me and my friends are facing exact same issues with different ISP’s, different computers and locations.
Can you please guide us to the solution?


Here are some screenshots:

BTW: 9days passed but not a single admin or support contacted or gave info about the issue. Thanks for the amazing support !!!


Hi, I have the same issue with all the server Official.
I think the last update messed up a lot of mechanics ingame, on servers already full to the brim with huge base of people who don’t play at all or have colonized with dozen of big bases everywhere.
Probably a complete wipe of the map (maybe even character) could be a healthy solution for the playerbase and server performance.
I’ve tried 5 different servers in 2 days just to make a base somewhere and all the hotspot are complete spam of garbage.

I hate this game for this situation, make a 2 month wipe so you can play and make your big base and enjoy the progress of teh game and other player can have a chanche to build up their own adventure.