I cant craft the Kordovan horse saddle


I can’t craft the Kordovan horse saddle but I can craft the armor from the same twitch event. I have all the saddle feats unlocked. I am not running any mods and I am on a private server. This is happening in Exiled lands and the Isle of Siptah (both servers are vanilla, no mods). Is this a bug?

I don’t seem to find the saddle either. The rest is there (the armor).

Thanks for your reply. I think maybe it has been removed in the recent update?

I’ve checked with another player on the server and they cant see it in either the saddle workbench or the feats (it should appear under the novice saddle feat).

If more players can confirm, that would be great, thank you.

Yep - just had a look and I can’t find the Kordovan Saddle anymore either - not under any of the saddle feats, and not in the saddlers worktable. The existing one (crafted before 2.5 released) is still present on my horse, so the item itself still exists - looks like the feat has gone AWOL.


Confirmed also. Exactly what you said. Hopefully a bug report was created.

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I’ve submitted one.