Kordavan Saddle disappeared from saddlers bench

Game mode: * Online private
Type of issue: * Bug
Server type: * pve
Region: * oceanic
Hardware: * ps5

Bug Description:

When I first built my saddlers bench the Kordavan saddle was visible and available for crafting. Having upgraded my feat to expert saddle maker it has gone from my available saddle list. Not 100% sure if it’s a direct result of learning the expert saddles or a resulting bug from the last update but i can’t see the Kordavan saddle in the bench or in my feats.

Expected behaviour

To be able to craft the Kordavan saddle

Steps to Reproduce:

Not 100% sure. Prior to update I could see the saddle in my saddlers bench. I have since upgraded to expert saddle feat and downloaded the latest update and I’m not sure which has made the saddle pack it’s bags :man_shrugging:


We have the same issue on PC.


On PC we are 3 that have lost it: 2 that have reset their feats and noticed it after, and another one that did nothing (no reset nor upgrade) since the 2.5. So maybe everybody lost it.

Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue and a fix for it is being worked on at the moment.

Thanks for the feedback.

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