Saddles just not showing up

So i know the questions/answers most people will say, yes i have everything feat wise unlocked for all DLC saddles, i own every DLC, every DLC is installed correctly on PC, i have verified the game 3 times, reinstalled the game once, named thrall on the saddlers workbench, its on official so no mods either, i have used 4-5 potions to re-stat my feat points and unlock them again and again and nothing, any ideas? Any help would be great cos right now its frustrating me lol.

Do all of your bench have the their recipe? If not
, I think you have filter on showing one of the dlc. Cause it happen to me a few time when I forgot remove the filter.
I playing on ps4 so maybe your filter system is different to mine.

You sir are an absolute legend. I’m either really stupid or the system is really stupid, can’t decide which right now haha, thanks alot!

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