Saddles not spawnable from admin panel

What does NOT spawn in are: Poitain, Silent Legion, Noble, Khitai, Yamatai & Turan saddles. The error given is: Failed Spawn 1 X Game Item 2700, 2701 ,2702 ,2703, 2704, and 2705.

Are you using any mods? I tested this just a couple of hours ago and it worked alright for me.

If you are using mods, it is highly advisable you disable them for this testing period.

I read that way too fast. Those are DLC items.


No mods installed Multigun.

Hey @Toggles, thank you for pointing this out!

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As @Multigun says those are all from the ‘Riders…’ DLC which no one outside the Funcom bunkers have access to (yet). Same goes for white/black horse and a bunch of other items that are already in the build. :grin:

They hinted there was a ‘rare’ horse chance on the stream, but not what it was. I don’t think it’s the same thing as the white/black horse skin from the Riders DLC in any case.

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Are you quite sure it was the black one and not, say, the dark brown one? Don’t mean to doubt you or anything, but it seems impossible to spawn the black horse from admin currently.

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Thank you for confirming, that is indeed odd, but what the hey!

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Think you meant “What the Hay!”

You should probably share the details with FC community managers privately. :wink:


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