I can't go north

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When I go north to visit New asgard, the game crashes.
It crashes again when I try to log in again.
I can’t go home.

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Question, are you using mods? 2nd question, when did you last update your game? Have you tried verifying your game files?

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Which mode is causing it, can you be more descriptive?
I’ve never had a problem like this in my previous games.
Updates are on, I try file verification.
Mod list

Try removing DyeMoreBetterer.


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Seems like that’s the problem. I’ve been playing for 5 minutes, didn’t kick me out.


Just a headsup for your next report:

  • remove the not necessary parts of the report to make it more understandable
  • add the modlist to the thread
  • define the edition and issue type

You can check other threads to have a look how things go around here. :slight_smile:

I think Dye More Better is not being supported after they added more dyes to the game natively.

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