I had a problem with a night-time quest and deleted it. Can I do it again?

I was doing the quest in night-time Conall Valley where I had to kill 5 Mammoth riders. One of the mammoths was killed by NPCs mobs by accident (I dragged him there) and the quest got stuck at 4/5 Mammoth riders. I waited for 12 hours, but the mammoths didn’t respawn.

I deleted the quest, hoping that by activating it again, it would respawn the mammoths, but the guy who gives the quest constantly changes location. He’s not beside the warhorse where he gave the quest anymore. Now he’s at Vanaheim and the quest doesn’t exist in the dialogue options. The mammoths didn’t respawn either. In fact, the whole place is devoid of enemies. Even the ones I didn’t kill aren’t there. Makes me wonder if this is a bug or the story progression is taken way too seriously here.

My question is that is there any way to do this ques again? I’m afraid of finishing the storyline and not being able to come back.

It kinda sucks, because when I entered Vanaheim, I saw there are lots of Mammoth riders there. It makes me wonder if I hadn’t deleted the quest, maybe I could finish it there.

You can do the storyline every day if you want. Sooner or later you will get the mammoth quest again, it’s just one out of several side quests and you get it randomly again. Actually you have to do the storyline many times if you want to advance in the faction.

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