I have lost the game from my Xbox order history

As the title says I have lost the game from my order history and have changed payment methods since then so Microsoft can do nothing, I was hoping that a moderator could help because I had screen a screen shot that I provided of proof of purchase to a person by the name of Hugo to claim some dlc back in December 2019 any help would be much appreciated

I was have this problem too i was abel to get it back by looking for the cloud play option start it and then was open by pressing the start button on the game pictur on homscreen and was choising game card and was then have the option too download it again

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I cannot do that because when I look for the game on the market place it says I does not say I own it

You need too find the cloud button use it then open the game card ive you on x box my gamertag is sxo vi mazeone write me a message and invite me too a party its easyer too tell then writing

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