I just got Raided on non Raiding hours and the guy was naked

This is another thing I would change. → raid hours.
I’ve been a student in school.
I’ve been a student at university.
Now I’m an adult and do have a job AND a life outside of Conan Exiles.

I do understand the thought behind having extended raid times on weekends like previously and many private servers still do have them but when I look at reality it should actually be the opposite atleast on weekends. Many people go to school, college, university, work from monday to friday and don`t do that much in the evening hours. They come home and play Conan. But on the weekends - it’s not just me - I go out to meet friends, party, meet my family, do stuff with my partner and all of this.

Conan shouldn’t be a competitor. People normally choose their social life over Conan and that’s a good thing. Most offline raids/wipes I’ve seen actually happened on saturdays and sundays. If you want people to stick to the game you should actually decrease the raid times on weekends and give “non try hard players” a break. Just my observations until now… and trust me, I’m a die hard raider ;). But I’m also able to switch roles.

there shouldn’t even be “non” raiding hours…

You wouldn’t last one f’n HOUR on Ark or Rust LOL

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I am right there with you. Played Rust for a couple years. I would LOVE 24/7 raiding. It would be a whole different ball game.

Also, I would like to get a response from a dev regarding my post above about the group on my server 1774. I would like to know if your gonna do anything about this. @Tascha

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I’m pretty sure that all pvp servers were 24 hour raid during EA. It’s a bit of a shame that at least some of the servers aren’t still like that, since there is a dedicated crowd for that style. Additionally, there were Mayhem servers that had increased gathering and xp that would wipe every 30 days to create a ‘seasons’ atmosphere and prevent a clan from becoming the perma-Alpha (due to stockpiles).

I like building and raiding isn’t my style (hate to hurt peoples feelings), but I would like a PVE-C that is 24 hour, so that my arena could be used at any time of the day. People have different schedules and it’s not easy to be on for the whole of the purge/raid/pvp times of the timezone you live in.

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