I just want to be able to see whoever is following me on the map

I keep losing my thrall now that the update has rolled around and i cannot find them on the map when i do since they get stuck so much. It would help ALOT to know where they are on the map if i die or they just stop following me, so i can retrieve them.

they should be where you died all the time (are for me) if they are not their when you get back to collect your items then they have most likely gone back to the last place they were set on guard.

@funcom please dont do this… @OP only reason im against it is because the map would (for alot of people…) become way to populated with dots…

But as I said, they will be where you died or back at last location you set them to guard at.

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I just want them to mark the kne thrall following you, not all lol.

yeah, that will be ‘harder’ to do… would have to have checks to see if a thrall is following and then when you tell them to stop following…

and then you would have the issue that when you die they are no longer following you so the map marker would go away as well and you would be back to stage 1…

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