I just want to play the game

Im trying. I really am. Some days im fed up with irl things and having a game that i like to play and zone out to is all im askin. But Funcom for real i know your trying and these fixes take time, but do i really need to send an 8-10hr long video of what its like trying to play your game. Its crazy. Laggy buggy mess that just doesnt work. I cant go into Sepermeru city. I cant go into 90% of caves without the mesh and npc/thrawls just vanishing then crashing. Everytime im interacting with a work bench or chest it just lags. THIS IS CRAZY. I spend more time on this forum and in your broken loading screens then i get to play the game. Ffs. How did it get this bad? I had hope the fixes would change some stuff but it really is just un-enjoyable. If i just run around noob river and never build anything its fine. But as soon as i build anything the game just bugs out. Im so tired of typing on this forum.

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Hi @DisabledMonkT17,

We understand your frustration, we’re working on improving that situation. The hotfix we’ve sent out this week was one of many fixes we plan on releasing.

Thank you very much for your feedback, that will help us pinpoint where the issues are so we can try to address them.

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