This is beyond frustrating

Whats the point of even complaining on here. I realize you are working on issues and thts good to hear. But, last time my game stopped working, and now its doing the same thing. Loading bar full, then straight to dashboard. Oh, by the way. Did you know your beginning movie still skips around and is severely broken. Thats been goin on since September at least. But after the game didnt work for 3 weeks i thought i better be glad i could actually get to play. So here’s my thing. Trying to stay calm and all that but its beyond frustrating at this point. Im tired of spending hours and week into building my bases just for the game to refuse to load. Building is the only thing fun in this game. The combat is boring and repetitive bt i still play bc of the building. So if your game cant support the building and admin panel please explain why i cant get a refund when it breaks everytime i build something. This is getting ridiculous and a bit out of hand… Im tired of deleting my bases and having to start over.


It’s not their game that has issues… it’s your hardware. Xbox one can’t handle the game. It’s like having a pc with requirements barerly making recommended specs. Once i got the xbox series x i never once crashed or had a single issue even the opening scenes could be skipped. That’s when i realized it wasn’t fun com and they have the decency to not tell the xbox one community its there hardware and take insult after insult.


That’s right the game did work fine on the Xbox one how else did i get 287 days of game play in. It wasn’t on the Xbox series x i did it on a one slipshade just stop lying
to people your play with the big boys now and
your bad at it stop lying to people that have 287 days of game play in this game only loads faster on the series x it still crashes to think that a console is going to fix the game doesn’t work that way son and narruc your right the game was fine on the one till funcom broke it

All of my other games work fine on all of my consoles but not this one


It is their game, when the game is SOLD for the system that it will not run on. They know what the capabilities of of Xbox One, Xbox One S are. You can still buy this game in the Xbox store sold as an Xbox One game. It is not listed as requirement for Xbox One X, Series S or Series X. If it says Xbox One, then it should work for ANY Xbox One!

I am one of the lucky ones to have a Series X, and the game does run fine for me (did not work on my old One S. This just confirms it is a CPU/GPU issue, in that they have increased the system requirements beyond the original Xbox One and One S. I have seen other say it works with the One X

Well then if thats the cast funcom can buy everyone a new xbox .
Cause i dont have a way to scam money out 1000’s of people like game companys do .
Cyber punk broken
Seven days to die broken
Athem broken
Conan broken
What other games did i miss ?
Damn its every game every game company makes , they dont see fixs they quick money scams and when the bugs are much to deal with they give up and start siptah.
So now were suppose go buy the new xbox INORDER to play the game ?
There wasn’t a cpu/gpu issue before the Aquilonian patch ,
Now its not even worth playing , funcoms lack of fixing this issue has taken what fun there was in the game out of it
Gg fumcom

Good for you guy guess I got a trashed x then what are the odds your so lucky :four_leaf_clover: me not so lucky i really don’t care anymore i just come on here to see all the crying and bs funcom
is feeding us and yes the game does still crash on the new console y do you think they put half of the tame over on sx so they can play bord games? No because you guessed it it still crashes yeah it runs longer loads faster but the new console did not make ce a master piece

Did you spawn thralls? If so, their are a few in the list that are not supposed to be ingame anymore, and will cause save data corruption/crashing like you state. I have asked before for a list of those thralls, as G-Portal was the one that gave me the info when i killed my server and had to wupe and restart. Again, if it is this, then you are screwed and will need to wipe the save stae and restart from last backup without those thralls spawned.

Im shaking my head at this guys comment about its not funcom… I just lost another epic build, the fourth time now. I do not spawn any ‘‘special thralls’’ only like blacksmith ll or cook lll things like that to see the placement of the thralls at the work benches. I have a certain way i ‘‘try’’ to play this game seems how i only play offline single player… I build an epic main fortress, than i turn off admin mode and dont cheat after that. But ever since September i have never been able to even finish the build with out it crashing. Im FK pissed. bc the last build is my most detailed and best one yet tht i never got to even play. I dnt even want to build another one, im at the point i just want my money back to put on a game that actually works.

It’s a memory leak. More memory (Series X) less issues. Pretty simple from that perspective.

Ok thats fine and all, bt i CANNOT afford a series x. So if thats the case then it just proves i should be able to get refunded.

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My series X still crashes. I can skip through the intro now… and it loads up faster But, I still load a new game in single player get all the way to the select difficulty screen then back out. Once I do this I can play all night without a crash.

I do hope they get it fixed or someone else builds a survival game on par with this one.


I have a series X and it still crashes all the time, same for others I play with. It’s not the hardware, it’s the crap patch and lack of QA


the last 2 days this method works for me today i could join the server without doing anything of these tricks but 2 hours ago it crashed and now nothing works anymore sadly.
not with the singleplayer hack or a re installation -.-

its so frustrading i bought the game a week ago and really like it but … u know… sad sad sad

i play on the series X

Hello everyone, we apologize for the issues and we are still working on solving the situation.

As our producer mentioned on his letters, we are struggling a bit to get things done because of the pandemic and our team being isolated. Hopefully, next year when we get back to the office, we can properly address the console community with fixes for these matters.

Again, we’re very sorry for your trouble and we thank all of you for your patience.

OP said it has run fine on his system in the past. Obviously, not a hardware issue. Period period.

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I call b.s.
Debugging code is not something that requires a communal workspace.
And don’t try to tell me every programmer isn’t already comfortable using discord or other voips.
SMH… when you throw out the pandemic as an excuse it minimizes the struggles of people doing jobs that are actually very difficult and unsafe right now.


Thank you for at least acknowledging a post. However, we all understand the pandemic but want we dont understand is the total lack of any substantive progress on the issues that continue to exist on the xbox one system. Please start backing up your words with actions. You have a base that supports you and this game but we are tired.