Its sad

Live for one year and still im crashing to the home screen. LoL. Its sad. I dont understand how or why thats not embarrassing.

LOL, I’ve never played a game that wasn’t full of bugs and glitches for the first year and sometimes after that. From what I’ve seen this game is far better in the first year than most games are when they are in their second or third year. Maybe its not the game, maybe its your console or PC, or your internet connection or the server your on. The game has only crashed once since I’ve been playing and that was right after the latest update.

Actually what should be embarrassing is posting something just to complain and not give any real useful information, if you want someone to take you seriously then give them something they can work with.


Everyone wants instant satisfaction. Then if the game was perfect, it would be too perfect. I still have to log in single player before online, but, big deal. What’s 1 min, specially if theyre aware


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